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has anyone done a sound of music cherik au yet because it fits so fucking perfect I can’t handle it

erik all severe and german with his big brood of rowdy children, hiring a sweet and sassy caretaker who is MAGIC in his dealing with kids??? PLEASE

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Just when you thought you’d seen everything there was to see Inception-wise… Some never before seen props in the top photo created for Inception by design agency Unit 7b — Dom Cobb’s passport, and Robert Fischer’s UK visa page and NY/NSW driver licenses. They never made it into the film, but Robert Fischer’s passport page in the second photo, also created by Unit 7b, appeared briefly at the start of the Sydney to LA flight.

Happy 41st Birthday Robert Michael Fischer! (b. September 17, 1973)

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someone come make me a nest and lay with me in it. please oh please.

omg, yes please.

I need a hug

Hug offered, if you still want it!

A lot of my Internet friends are sad right now. This is for you.

I have a great dining room for blanket forts. It’s about 6x6, the table and chairs take up 80% of it, and one king size blanket it makes it an insta-fort. I freely offer up my perfect fort space any cuddles to anyone who needs it (and happens to be in my neck of Michigan).

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