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when did “entry level” become “requires 3-5 years work experience”?

*whispers* when unemployment rates skyrocketed and employers realized they could have their pick of desperate job seekers willing to take entry level work they were vastly over-qualified for, meaning they do not need to pay for said employee’s qualifications or experience

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Sherlock prefers to avoid single large meals. He has the habit of eating small snacks whenever he’s hungry and then skipping whole “proper” meals. Lestrade is the one who told John about the habit, and offered his solutions.

It took a week on a case for John to realize that Sherlock had no trouble digging through Lestrade’s desk or coat for whatever snacks were stored away. Even if he did (loudly) complain about Lestrade never having “anything good”.

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It’s never fun. I once had one who refused to leave. :( I felt so horrible.

It’s awful, he’s a super nice guy, but he’s just not putting the time into this. He comes in whenever he feels like, he spends twice as much time on every task so he can “learn” how to do it, and he doesn’t tell us when he’s been given a task out of his scope of ability. He also refuses to put his hours in, and he’s on part time - which is how we pay him! It’s like…everyone else is on salary, we know what we’re going to get - you’re not! If you don’t do it, we can’t pay you what you want. 

There’s more too, but it’s kind of sickening to think about. I like him as a person but….:( :( :( 

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I’m more and more convinced this is a real scene. 

Time will tell! After all, Mycroft admitted they let him go…

If this is not a real scene, then it is the very highest form of trolling ever witnessed. Like, Gatiss is the Troll King.

you would think my first thought when I see these pictures is always “MTHEORY” but honestly I am reblogging this because of the overwhelming hotness

like Mycroft and Moriarty in the same space at the same time is unholy

nations will fall

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